Wedding in Tuscany

I'm back from my honeymoon and it's already 2 months that I'm a wifey!

OMG already two months have passed!

Back from my honeymoon and ready to tell you everything about my wedding


It seems only yesterday when I received the proposal in Montmartre and started planning my own wedding. And yet, two months already have passed since I got married. Isn't incredible? 

As you probably have already seen in my previous posts, the wedding has been really amazing, as we have always dreamed of. 

The morning of the BIG day, I was incredibly very calm and relaxed, when all around me, everyone was "quite" anxious. Fortunately I really kept my cool and focused on what I had to do and which steps I had to follow: hosting some suppliers at my home, preparing the bag for the week-end in a fabulous agriturismo, doing a face mask to have a "relaxed" look :)

Then my bridesmaids arrived and we started to celebrate with a Spritz just to relax the nerves. When the make-up artist and the hairdresser arrived, they started preparing my mum and then me. Everything went very smoothly and they made a gorgeous work.

Then the photographer and videographer, arrived at my parents' house, after taking pics of Matteo and his bestmen in our house, just right before I started to get dressed.
My wedding dress, of Nicole Spose, was a real dream, the one I have always dreamed of. It was amazing, even if it was a bit heavy (around 8kg!).

My sister and mum helped me to wear it and then they left to go to the church and prepare the gift bags I made for my guests.

When the moment to leave the house was arrived, I started to be a bit thrilled: with my dad and my brother-in-law left to go to the Church and I can assure you, I was the only bride who has arrived on time! :)

The moment to enter the church was arrived: my bridesmaids walked inside and I heard the song I chose. And it was in that moment that I started to panic just a bit. Thanksfully my dad was my rock and we walked inside together.

Once I was inside, all my anxiety disappeared, especially when I saw Matteo.
All the ceremony was really beautiful and emotional: the music of the harp, violin and singer, the readings, our priest's words... all magical!

After exiting the church and having greeted all our guests, we went to take some pics in the wineyards close to the Castle, until we joined everyone to the aperitif, which was accompanied by the harp and violin that played all our favorite songs.

Even that day, I couldn't resist to "work" and, during the aperitif, I went to the main courtyard and I was impressed of how beautiful it was! After checking all the tables and name tags, I joined the party before going to dinner.

All the dinner was really incredible and amusing: songs, dancing with my nephew, chatting around. Everything was super!

Then the moment of the "First dance" arrived and me and Matteo, danced our song, "Thinking out loud". It was a really beautiful and emotional moment.

After this dance, Matteo picked my dad and we started to dance with a special song I knew it was his favorite and, just right at the beginning of the first musical notes, I started to cry my eyes out (as all the guests there!).

The cutting of the cake was really beautiful too and after that we danced and... drinked!

Wow, I get really emotional also writing and reliving these moments :)

So for now I have to stop!
I promise I will write about the honeymoon very soon and I will post all my wedding's pics.

But for now...

Thanks for reading!