Wedding in Tuscany

Almost 3 months to say... Yes I do!

3 months to go!


Time is running out and so also the fateful day. 

Until a couples of week ago I wasn't nervous at all, but now that I'm looking at the calendar and having prepared the Wedding Invitations, everything is becoming more and more real :)

We've also almost ended our marriage classes with the Priest and other sweet couples and we have scheduled the Marriage Bans. Do you know what are these marriage bans?
In Italy, as also in other countries especially in Europe, when you want to get legally married, you have to present some documents to your townhall and they will publish them both in the building and online for 2 weeks. Then, if you get married with a catholic ceremony, the Priest will publish the documents too outside the church for 2 Sundays.

Why this happens? 
Do you remeber the famous phrase "If anyone here knows why these two people should not be joined in holy matrimony, speak now or forever hold your peace"? Here you have the answer! That's the reason why all the future newlyweds have to publish their wish to get married, so, if somebody wants to argue their decision or maybe knows that one of them has another relationship (gossip time!), can do it. I honestly think that nowadays, this can happen only in movies, but who knows.. let me know if you have ever seen someone stand up during a ceremony. 


What about the wedding dress?

As I anticipated you in the previous article, I've found my dreamy dress. It was a real surprise because it was the ONE that I've dreamed about. I've noticed that dress in the Instagram account of one of my favorite designer, but I thought I could never find and afford it.
So, together with my mum and one of my bridesmaid, I went to the first appointment in a wedding dress atelier (at the beginning I've booked 4 different shops!). 
The assistant was very kind and I showed her the dressed and the shapes I loved the most, including my favorite one.

After having tried 3 dresses, she came with a surprise... she had the ONE! And, as I believed, was love at first sight, not only for me, but also for my companions. 

I felt beautiful and confident, like I've never felt before, and I've called my sister and my 4 years old nephew, who said: Aunty, you're a princess! And it was in that moment, that I started to cry and I said Yes to the Dress!

I was really surprised that I founded the dress during the first time, but I had the chance to find the perfect one.

In few weeks I've to come back to do the first trial with the seamstress and I'll bring the pairs shoes I bought... yes, I admit it: I bought 3 different pairs of shoes. But in my defense, I'll have the chance to wear them in other occasions :)


Wedding Favors... a big decision!

One thing we're still discussing about are the wedding favors. We have two different ideas and who know which one will win! One thing is certain: we have to decide quite fast! 

We've contacted different artisans and we want to gift our friends with something they will appreciate and remember us.


Bachelorette party: what's gonna happen?

For this particular aspect, I don't get to say anything. I'm in the hands of my sister and my friends and I'm really curious about it!
Fortunately Covid is less powerfull, so I really hope that it won't affect this special day with my closest friends!


I think that for the moment I've revealed already too much, so you'll have to wait until the next blog post!

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I'll keep you posted!


Wedding in Tuscany