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Civil Ceremonies

A civil ceremony in Italy is a legally valid wedding ceremony with the issue of a marriage license by the local authority.

Civil ceremonies are regularly performed in town halls in Italy and many of the town halls in Tuscany offer beautiful rooms in historic palaces in world famous piazzas. Many private castles, villas and gardens are also now being granted civil marriage licenses, opening up many more doors to some stunning wedding ceremony backdrops both in the cities and the picturesque countryside.


Tuscany the perfect spot for a destination wedding

As there are no residency requirements in Italy in order to perform civil ceremonies for non residents, the procedures are straight forward, making Tuscany the perfect spot for a destination wedding.

You will find that each town and each region adds their own flavour and charm to how weddings are performed but with our extensive knowledge of venues across Tuscany we will guide you through some of the most beautiful sites, under frescoes and across cobbled courtyards of places such as Siena, Florence, San Gimignano, Pisa, Pienza, Montepulciano, Montalcino, Certaldo, Lucca and beyond to find the place for you.

We will provide you with detailed information, costs and pictures of every ceremony location that we propose. We will assist you with the legal procedures for a civil marriage and will help you choose the best civil ceremony venue based on your requirements and taking into consideration nearby accommodation and your preferred reception venues.

Our aim is to find the best ceremony venue in the vicinity of your accommodation and reception venues. This way we can plan the perfect schedule for your wedding, no stress, no waste of time and absolutely no unnecessary transport costs!


We can plan the perfect schedule for your wedding day

We always suggest the best ceremony venue in the vicinity of your accommodation and reception venue. This way we can plan the perfect schedule for your wedding stress, no waste of time and absolutely no unnecessary transport costs!

Civil ceremonies in Italy are always performed in Italian by the local Mayor or Vice-Mayor and by law there must be an interpreter to translate the vows and marriage act into the common language of the couple. For your Legal Civil Wedding Ceremony in Italy we will:

  • Assist you with all legal documents and paperwork necessary to obtain your Certificate of Freedom to Marry or "Nulla Osta"
  • Book the civil ceremony location, whether a town hall, a historical villa, castle or similar
  • Provide an official interpreter in your native language to translate the ceremony and vows
  • Be present at the wedding ceremony to coordinate the event
  • Provide registered and legalized wedding certificates after the ceremony
  • Provide extra wedding services such as music and flowers

For a legal civil marriage it is essential that you arrive in Italy at least a few days before the wedding, as the town registrar must review your passports and paperwork.

Some of the paperwork can only be completed once you are in Italy, at the local town hall Civil ceremonies may also be celebrated in the Catholic church if you choose a Catholic ceremony with legal validity.

You may hear it is impossible to get legally married in a church in Italy or that you must have a civil ceremony in your country of origin first, but that is simply untrue!

We are among the few wedding planners in Italy able to arrange legally binding Catholic ceremonies churches.

Please contact us to enquire about the requirements for a legal wedding in Italy based on your nationality.

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