Wedding in Tuscany

The Wedding Planner: who's she?

An important figure for your dreamy day, so… let me introduce myself!


Maybe you are wondering who hides under Wedding in Tuscany and who’s one the person you’ll rely to organize this important event of your life.


That’s me, Francesca!


So here I am, Francesca, wedding planner of Wedding in Tuscany agency, based in the heart of Florence, and ready to be part and help you during your amazing journey.

I’m 100% made in Tuscany, as our brand, and I really love my region. Not to be pretentious, but I think it can boast some of the most beautiful places in the world: just think about the Ponte Vecchio, Chianti countryside, Siena, David of Michelangelo and I could go on for much, much longer!

I’m passionate about the “Wedding World” and everything around it: I’m in love with beauty and art so, one of my goals, is to bring them into this fundamental event of your life.

I consider myself a very empathic and creative person and I adore listening to the stories and ideas of my couples: I think that together we could translate them and create something really unique and unforgettable. Even if I have an artistic personality, I’m very focused, perfectionist and organized, so don’t worry, everything will be under control and you can be totally relaxed!

I’ve two degrees which gave me the chance to study what I really love: events and fashion. So, thanks to my job, I’ve the possibility to employ both of them: I love searching for some peculiar objects or decorations which make the event shine and unique, and I feel realized when the wedding goes smoothly and everyone is happy!

My other passions are: movies, animals, nature, travel and food. I’m really into these topics, especially for food and travel! I love when I can match travelling with food and I’m wild about eating, so every time I leave for a different region or country, I must discover ALL their specialities and uniqueness! Cinema is my other biggest passion: every time I can, I go to the movie theatre or I watch dramas on TV. I’m very addicted so I watch all kind of movies: romantic, dramatic, comedies, thrillers, etc. I get inspired by every movie I watch and I love writing quotes o reviews about the ones I preferred. My favourite movie? That’s a super hard question for me, but maybe is “Silver Linings Playbook”: I even wrote my university thesis on it!


I’m in love with… Love!


I have to admit it: I’m a very romantic person and I get emotional listening to the stories of my couples. How they first met, how they felt in love and how was the proposal: you always make me dreaming with you! One of my missions is really bring your story and personality into the event: are you both passionate about pizza and your first date was in an Italian pizzeria? Let’s organize a welcome event recreating that feeling and atmosphere; your passion in common is cinematography? Let’s make it as main theme of your wedding event!

The thing I love the most in my job is meeting people from different cultures: it’s really great when we can match your different backgrounds with my Italian heritage. It’s always a winning encounter and this enrich me a lot!


Under to Tuscan Sun


Since I’m in love with my region, I really can’t wait to let you dive into Tuscany and make you discover all its beauty and secret places. Moreover, thanks to our agency’s structure, we are able to organize your wedding from A to Z, so you just have to tell us what you’re looking for and which are your dreams about your big day and we’ll be there to realize them!


I really can’t wait to meet you and start realizing together your unforgettable wedding day!

Wish you the best,



PS: stay tuned, I've a big surprise for you!