Wedding in Tuscany

How Francesca’s wedding's organization is proceeding?
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 My wedding: how's going on with all the organization?


"Ohhhh your're getting married! OMG on a scale from 1 to 10 how much are you excited?"
These are the words I've been listened since the last August 18th. So, yes, I'm excited! But I'm also a person who doesn't want to panic too earlier :) 

When we came back from our sweet tour of Paris (if you haven't read the previous article, check it out!), and later from a quite tiring visit of Alto Adige's mountains, we started to think about our budget. My personal opinion is that the first thing you've to think about is the budget, so you can start considering all the other costs and discard the locations that are too pricey. It would be a pity to fall in love with something which is sooooo much over the budget.

One day I've started to contact some locations I already knew and, in few days, we saw more or less 6 venues, until we found OURS.

I cannot tell you which is, because we want to surprise all of you the day of the wedding, which will be on... July 2022!
I admit it, I am biased, but it's really stunning and is definitely our dreamy location: we had the chance to find a place which reflected both our personalities and desires in the area we love the most, the Chianti.


And what about the other suppliers?

Matteo and I we both are very organized and, maybe because we have been together since 2009 and we already thought about it many times, we already knew what we wanted. And after all, that's still my job!

After having booked the venue, we have contacted some caterers, photographers, flower designersDJs and other suppliers. Later, we have contacted the church: we'll do a mixed ceremony, since I'm catholic but Matteo is atheist. Fortunately, since 70's, there the chance to get married with this specific ceremony, so we'll both happy and satisfied. Love is so powerful!

We still need to do many things, such as the wedding invitations and the gifts, but we have already something in mind!

Concerning one of the most important part of the wedding, we already have a catering! The ones that know us, are aware that we are both foodies and we want all our guests to eat and drink well!


The most asked question: the wedding dress!

All my friends, especially girls, have asked about this IMPORTANT element of our wedding and the answer is, YES! I said Yes to the Dress (to quote a famous tv show). But if want to know more about it... stay tuned for the next article!

In the meanwhile, I take the chance to wish you a fantastic and joyful Christmas!

Love, Francesca.