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Why you should have a wedding planner
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The Wedding Planner: is this really necessary?


You have finally decided to get married and you have start thinking about how your wedding should be and what's really necessary for the ceremony: papers, taxes, SIAE, celebrant, party, catering... Have you already started panicking? Keep calm! Breath in and breath out, everything's gonna be alright. If you are anxious, you should definitely contact a Wedding Planner and get relaxed. 

But maybe you are that kind of person that likes to get everything under control and organize by yourself your special things: why you should still consider to hire a Wedding Planner?

I've listed some of the main reasons for which taking a Wedding Planner could be the best option for you. Take a look!


1. No worries about budgeting and scheduling

You may not have a huuuuge budget to invest for your wedding, so you should absolutely define the right costs for the right things. The Wedding Planner constantly works with many different suppliers, with different prices; I'll will be able to suggest you the best deal for you and also have some special rates for you, due to my ongoing relationship with the suppliers. Moreover, a wedding, big or intimate, needs a specific scheduling in order to get everything done and following the right deadlines.


2. No surprise expenses

You cannot immagine all the different costs that each wedding needs: SIAE, legal documents, VAT, hiring of cutleries or chairs, donation to the Church, lighting system, etc. Some can be hidden or not so clear for the clients, but a Wedding Planner knows them all! Let me help you discovering them all!


3. No problems for not creative people

Organizing a wedding requires also some creative ideas to make something really special and unique: let's be honest, no bride/groom wants a trivial wedding, seen again and again. Every couple wants to have something unseen, something that makes everyone jelous. That's where the Wedding Planner comes in. Your ideas will be heard and if you have no idea of what you would like to be, I'll listen to your story and understand your personality in order to create something that represents you as individual and as a couple. 


4. Responsabilities will be taken off from your plate

Life is always more and more fast and full of commitments which don't leave so much time to think properly about the wedding day. Maybe you don't think about it, but choosing the right supplier, define the budget (and stay into it), sign contracts, remind deadlines, can really get out of hand! Rely on a Wedding Planner, means not think about all these things: I will take care of finding the right suppliers and dealing with them, draw up the contracts, remind all the payments, schedule appointments according your busy days. In other words, I will work through all the nitty-gritty issues of the wedding's organization.


5. An "historical" knowledge

Finding the right photographer, flower designer, musician, is not so easy. It's not enough to just Google them. You'll find tons and tons of suppliers but not everybody is good for you. The Wedding Planner will help you finding the right one for your wedding, avoiding you hours and hours of reaserches on Google and Instagram. Having thousands followers doesn't always mean quality and reliability. With my help, you'll always have the best of the best!


6. No stress! A therapist at your fingertips

99% of times organizing a wedding is suuuuuuper stressful and brides, but grooms too, get to the big day so stressed and exhausted. Hiring a Wedding Planner will not take all the stress off you, because beeing a bit restless is super common and normal, but you won't have to think about all the different issues or last minute problems. Also, it may happen that the mother or the mother-in-low-to-be, can be too pushy and not let you express as you would like. This is also another duty of the Planner. Not just a therapist but also an intermediary... next step: deputee of the United Nations!


7. Just lovely thoughts during your big day!

If you don't have a Wedding Planner, you should take care of everything during your wedding day. You may think to delegate to your bridesmaids or best man, but let's be honest, you may not be so sure that everything will be under control
Rely on a professionist, instead, will make you fell confident and relaxed that everything is in place and you can just think about your beautiful and unique love.


8. Something unique and once-in-a-lifetime

Being a Wedding Planner means being confident, organized, punctual but also creative. You cannot be a real Wedding Planner if you don't have a creative and dreamy mind! Thanks to that, your wedding will be something unique and unrepeatable. You will be guided into a magical world which leads just to one thing: your satisfaction. You will have the certainty that your wedding will be different from the ones that you have been to and you'll see a sincere envy on your guests' eyes.


9. More money for your honeymoon!

You may not believe me, but hiring a Wedding Planner will make you save money! It's true, you have to invest on it, but I can assure you, that with the help of a professionist, you'll save money on different items. The WP will suggest you only the best suppliers for your big day, which have a good compromise on quality and price, in order to have the wedding of your dreams. Moreover, thanks to the years of expertise, the WP has trusted relationships with many professionists that can guarantee a good price.


10. You got a friend in me 

Organizing a wedding requires a lot of months of preparation and many many meetings and video calls. This will be a 

good opportunity to get to know your Planner and establish a relationship of real trust and even friendship! I'm a very empathic person and I really can't wait to meet new couples and see their dreams realized!


I hope I've answerd some of your doubts and remember that I'm here to help you though this amazing journey!

Lots of love,