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Getting married in a
Tuscan Restaurant

When you think of your Italian wedding reception you may envisage a castle courtyard, a villa garden, a vineyard terrace or a palace rooftop but Tuscany has a whole other world of settings to offer in the form of its world famous restaurants.  Restaurants in Tuscany can offer the most beautiful views and unique atmospheres being located in some of the region’s most fabulous spots. Many are historic eateries with traditional menus and beautiful recipes, where the staff are literally one big family.  Others are more modern spaces with a fresh take on Tuscan cuisine and a vibrant atmosphere with slick service. All the places recommended by us will offer great hospitality and can be as charming and sophisticated as any catered banquet in a private villa. We are committed to giving you an event experience to remember forever, regardless of the style you choose or the budget we have to work with.

A restaurant can be a perfect venue for an intimate reception, offering a budget-friendly yet charming option.  There are some important considerations to make before choosing a restaurant as your reception venue. Firstly, restaurants in the countryside cannot usually seat more than 60-70 people, but may have outdoor areas like gardens or terraces with breathtaking views where it is possible to arrange a cocktail hour and after-dinner dancing.  Another important point to note is that on average, city restaurants have slightly more seating capacity yet limited indoor space, as well as little or no outdoor areas for cocktail receptions or dancing.

Restaurants always include materials and decor to choose from like tablecloths, crystal glasses, plates and different styles of chargers (underplates) in their prices, making it easy to create a perfectly coordinated table setting.  We will also help you to choose the right selection of dishes, providing you with hundreds of courses to choose from, to structure your personal wedding menu. The menu quote is priced per person and does not always include a wine allocation.  If this is the case, wines can be paid for on consumption. Similarly the wedding cake is not always included. Restaurants can usually prepare delicious desserts but if you wish to have a traditional wedding cake we can make arrangements with a top local pastry chef.


Our restaurants will offer a free tasting of your wedding menu once you have confirmed their service and they can cater for any dietary requirements or allergies with a special menu for children, vegetarians, vegans, celiacs, etc.  Just let us know in advance and they will make sure each and every guest is looked after!

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