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Tuscan restaurant: the paradise of foodies!


When you think of your Italian wedding reception you may envisage a castle courtyard, a villa garden, a vineyard terrace or a palace rooftop but Tuscany has a whole other world of settings to offer in the form of its world famous restaurants.

If you want a reception for a few intimates, a local restaurant could be the perfect option for you. Instead of paying a catering team, you can choose one of the many restaurants with historic buildings and simply great menus! Guests can arrange dinner at a country restaurant, or on a terrace of a restaurant with panoramic views of Florence, or at a cosy restaurant in the city centre. The choices, again, are countless.

For this type of reception, however, there are a few things to consider. First of all, restaurant places are limited (usually 60-70 in the countryside, a bit more in the city) and therefore it is necessary that dinner is rather intimate.
In addition, if you want the classic Wedding Cake, we recommend ordering it in pastry, as it is excluded from the fixed price (per person) that the restaurant will provide you once the menu is established. Wine is usually not included in the restaurant price. Instead, along with the menu dishes, decorations and materials are included to customize and coordinate "table settings".

This "budget friendly" option offers you many positives: a huge choice of traditional menus, an intimate environment, environment, the possibility of hosting, if there are terraces and outdoor spaces, cocktails and parties after dinner with beautiful panoramic views.
If you're not interested in the wedding cake, you can try the delicious desserts offered by the restaurant, ranging from cheesecakes and chocolate cakes to traditional desserts such as tiramisu and panna cotta.

You can customize the menu according to your taste and make sure everything is perfect thanks to the "free tasting" that the restaurants always offer before the wedding. They are also used to preparing vegetarian and alternative dishes, for children and invited with dietary restrictions.

You don’t have to worry about anything, just choose the best restaurant for you!

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