Wedding in Tuscany

The rice toss: love it or list it?

An old tradition to wish the best to the couple: follow the heritage or break it?


It’s undeniable: the rice toss is a real tradition and, at least once in your life, you have thrown it to the couple at the end of the wedding ceremony, with more or less force... depending on how much you liked the couple!

But let's get down to business: why we do it? Where does this practice comes from?


From the Rising Sun with love


Yes, it comes from far away, from an ancient legend in which a Good Genius donated his teeth and spread them in a swamp due to a brutal famine. With the help of water, the teeth became grains of rice, which helped the poor people to survive. That’s why rice is considered as a symbol of abundance, fertility and good omen and we dump it after the ceremony.

Also our roman ancestors too had more or less the same tradition: at first, they used the wheat’s grains, but later, it became too expensive and the wheat was replaced with rice, which was more affordable and more widely available. Would you ever bet on that?


Traditions from the South of Italy


In Italy we are full of traditions and we have a special one concerning the rice toss: in some regions of south of Italy, the bride gets ready with the help of her mum and her mother-in-law and, when she’s ready, she gets out of the room and is presented to the rest of the family. The oldest person in the room, maybe the grandma or an old auntie, pour a bunch of rice or silver sugar balls on her, as a blessing for her new life. But be careful: these little sugar balls could be very dangerous under the heels!


One rice variety, one specific meaning


Have you ever thought about it? You haven't, be honest!

Every variety has a different method of cooking, a different flavour, colour and… meaning! So, the choice of the rice, depends on what the couple and guests want to wish.

The Roma, a classic choice: big grains which means fertility and prosperity;

The Carnaroli, the perfect choice for making risotto, since it allows the flavours to blend to the best. It is a symbolic wish to make the couple’s hearts “blend” perfectly;

The Basmati, considered pure sensuality, with a heady and suave scent, is a wish that the sensuousness will never abandon the couple;

The Parboiled, the best choice for everyone! The rice toss is a very beautiful tradition, especially for its meaning, but could be quite “dangerous” for the newlyweds’ dresses, since these varieties, can smear the fabric. The Parboiled may not have a beautiful and profound tradition, but since is starch-free, it does not endanger the fabric!


Confetti, flowers petals, dried herbs... You have a lot of alternative options


Many others trends are taking place instead of the rice because of several reasons: waste of a food resource, people sliding, pigeons coming for a lavish banquet, fear of destroying the dresses, etc.

Don’t worry: you can have many other beautiful, and more sustainable, options! Here some:

Dried herbs, flowers or leaves, can give a fairy touch to your ceremony;

Biodegradable Confetti, shaped as hearts for instance, are a sweet alternative and if you want to make your choice much more sustainable, there are some confetti that, once planted in soil, they become flowers which will be a habitat for pollinators;

Bubbles, so cute and dreamy! Moreover, will create the perfect atmosphere for the pictures;

Paper airplanes, playful and evocative, will engage every guest!












What about you? Would you like to keep throwing rice grains or do you want to break the tradition?