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Wedding dress change: yes or not?

To change the dress or not to change the dress?
That's the question!


How many times you have dreamed about your wedding dress? Maybe you have even clipped some dress pics from magazines and attached in your room or diary when you were a kid (or maybe just 1 year ago or when you were hoping for the proposal). 

But what about the choice? OMG, how many beautiful dresses! You may have started with the idea of a specific style, but then you listen to your friends and you also try another type and you discover that it fits you perfectly too... PANIC! In this case you have two solutions: you choose the one that excites you more or you can pray your parents and have the satisfaction of taking both of them! 

It happens more than you know but this matter is quite debated because, some brides-to-be definitely cosider the dress as THE DRESS which must be just one; others prefer to have fun and change it during the wedding reception. Whose side are you on?

Personally I've always thought that the dress had to be just one, because it have to be something really unique, the one and only but, I have to admit that, when it was up to me and I have tried different dresses, I've quite changed my mind. There are too many amazing gowns to choose from! But this is another story, and I swear, I'll tell you about it later.

For the Etiquette, the bride had to change the dress right before the delivery of the wedding favors in order to be ready to leave for their honeymoon. So it had to be a colored and shorter dress.

Many VIPs have opted for two or more dresses for their wedding: Meghan Markle, Kate Middleton, Chrissy Teigen, Hilary Duff, Kate Upton, Hailey Bieber, Serena Williams, etc. All of them wore amaaaaazing dresses! Well, who wouldn't love to wear fabolous and branded dresses to be like a super star? 


megan-markle hilary-duff


But let's see which are the pros and cons about changing the dress during your wedding:


  • No compromises on your style. If you want to wear a classic, white, elegant wedding gown for the wedding ceremony, you may desire to change to a more fashionable party dress to run wild during the celebrations!
  • You'll realize a fashion show for your brand new husband and guests
  • You can opt for a dress which allows you to dance all night long



  • Strict timeline: you have to follow a specific timeline that doesn't allow you to take your time to change the dress
  • Financial compromises: we all know that wedding dresses are really expensive, so if you really want to wear two fabolous dresses, you may have to reorganize the budget, maybe cutting other services
  • The comments of the other guests: you can have "purists" guests who think that "The Dress" must be "The Only One", but you know, you cannot please everyone, so if you want to wear 2-3-4 dresses, you should do it!

So, what's your opinion? Would you like to have just one dress or surprise your guests with 2 or more party dresses?

But in the meanwhile, look at some amazing dresses... maybe you'll find yours!


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