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Sound and Lighting

Sound and Lighting

Lighting and sound are a very important factor in creating the atmosphere of the wedding ceremony and reception. A beautiful reception setting can be magical if brilliantly lit with spectacular effects. Lighting can change the ceremony and reception settings from cold to warm and inviting, from modern to romantic and from bland to exciting!

This wedding service can be included within our full wedding planning service, but CANNOT be sold separately.

We can create breathtaking atmospheres and magical moments with lighting and sound on your wedding day. Any detail can be enhanced with lighting tailored to the ceremony style and wedding reception theme. Lighting will enrich the ancient facade of a Tuscan villa, uplight grand historical palaces and illuminate dark castles. Lighting is essential to create the atmosphere that you want during the wedding dinner, as well as highlight the disco-dance area later on in the night.

By lighting the reception gardens we can create multiple scenic effects with pools, fountains and columns, transforming them into sculptures and artistic creations. We can even make the facade of a villa a huge screen to project images and videos personalized with your preferred songs and your own wedding soundtrack. We offer any creative solutions and design for any kind of event style, from a simple party to more sophisticated projects including video projections, scenic elements, special lighting, audio and video equipment and any decorative element you can imagine.

We can also provide technical services for the latest audio systems and illumination techniques in available technology: whether a sound system for up to 1000 guests, wireless microphones, led projectors, projection screens, strobe and par lights, a Karaoke system, led projectors or moving head lights, we have the solution you need to create the perfect party atmosphere for you and your guests to enjoy. We can provide a customized service and the assistance of experienced technicians, as well as a music library with thousands of titles available.


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