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If you are looking to create a magical experience and ambience, why not arrange special entertainment for your guests? Make your event extra special by featuring various surprises, so that everyone will remember your wedding in Tuscany forever. We can arrange any kind of entertainment for your wedding reception to astonich your guests of all ages, from grandparents to kids! Magicians, Clowns, Dancers, Stilt artists, Mimes, Fire-eaters, Fireworks...the options are endless!

This wedding service can be included within our full wedding planning service, but CANNOT be sold separately.

We can transform the moment of marriage and an unforgettable wedding into an amazing show. In addition to fantastic music, there is a huge variety of entertainment we can provide, from movie sets, magicians, stilt walkers, opera singers and dancers, to cartoonists, mimes, clowns, fortune tellers, casino tables, dancing animals and street performers. Your guests will be amazed at the thought that went into providing them with a truly personalized and fun experience! Imagine a tenor surprising guests during dinner with a lovely serenade. If your venue has a pool, syncronized swimmers may jump in during cocktails to perform a coordinated dance. There are so many fun possibilites!

Make sure you don't forget about the children: keep them happy and busy during the reception by providing them with their own party area and fun activities! You will be sure that they are enjoying themselves and will never be worried about them. We can provide a clown as well as a professional babysitter that fluently speaks your language who is able to take care of the younger guests while the enjoy all the fun. Of you have many kids attending the wedding, you could set up a special play area, with coloring books, games, entertainment and nannies at the ready for all of their needs.

As a wonderful ending of the wedding day, a triumphant show of fireworks displayed to music would be a romantic and n unforgettable surprise!


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