Wedding in Tuscany

Getting Married in Florence

A wedding in Florence is a very romantic experience in a unique historical and artistic setting

Often referred to as The Cradle of the Renaissance’, Florence is one of Tuscany’s most beloved cities and one of the most sought after destinations in the whole of Italy.  Something about Florence seems to capture all who visit, with its beautiful architecture, incredible art history, stunning museums, palaces and piazzas at every turn and naturally, the wonderful wonderful food. 

Streets are lined with charming eateries and bars, markets are bustling with fresh produce and locals pour out of elegant cafes. Only a short walk from the river Arno will lead you up into the hills where you can enjoy breathtaking views across the whole of the city and admire the beautiful array of churches and palaces dotted around the central, majestic cathedral with its world famous ‘Duomo’. 

Florence offers limitless options for Wedding Celebrations as well as Accommodation and Reception Venues both in the city centre and in the surrounding hills.  It is the perfect location in every season and at any time of year!


Legal Civil Ceremony in Florence

Have your Legal Civil Ceremony in the magnificent Red Hall (‘Sala Rossa’) at Palazzo Vecchio, Florence’s beautiful Town Hall, which is a historical landmark.  Following the ceremony, the city is your stage as you stroll through Piazza della Signoria for photographs (one of the most beautiful squares in the world), through the famous Uffizi Gallery and over the Ponte Vecchio (Old Bridge) overlooking the Arno river. Caught with the right light, wedding photographs on this bridge will be the most memorable by far!


Catholic Ceremony in historical churches of Florence

If you are planning a Catholic Ceremony, there are many gorgeous historical churches in Florence and the surrounding areas to choose from.  Cathedrals, chapels and churches located in the very heart of town, near the Ponte Vecchio and the Arno river, are filled with important works of art, wonderful mosaic glass windows and boast prominent facades.  More intimate country chapels in the hills surrounding the centre offer breathtaking views of the city monuments and historical buildings.


Protestant wedding ceremony

Protestant Ceremonies in Florence can be arranged in the centrally located Churches of St. Mark and St. James, as well as in private Accommodation & Reception Venues like Villas, Historic Palaces, Castles, Hotels and Resorts.  A marvellous Synagogue is also available in the heart of Florence for weddings officiated by an Orthodox Rabbi.  Jewish ceremonies can also be held at any private Accommodation & Reception Venue like Villas, Historic Palaces, Castles, Hotels and Resorts.  We can arrange a wonderful Jewish ceremony setting under a Chuppah in any location in Tuscany.

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