Wedding in Tuscany

Pisa & Lari

Pisa, with its Leaning Tower


Pisa is one of the oldest towns in Italy and is famous all over the world for its Leaning Tower. The marvellous green square, Piazza dei Miracoli, where the Tower stands, along with the Romanesque Cathedral and Baptistry, make Pisa one of the most memorable places in Tuscany. It's rich in Medieval architecture, Roman and Gothic churches and ancient Palaces, which offer many options for a Civil Ceremony or a Religious Wedding, as well as infinite choices for an elegant Wedding Reception.

Civil Ceremonies in Pisa can be held at the ancient 14th Century Town Hall, Palazzo Gambacorti, located along the Arno River, or at the secular deconsecrated Abbey in the heart of Pisa. Three rooms are available in Palazzo Gambacorti for Civil Ceremonies according to couples' preferences and the number of the guests attending: the Sala degli Stemmi with displayed Coats of Arms, the more intimate Sala Rossa, and the gorgeous Sala del Consiglio decorated with wonderful Murano chandeliers, huge frescoes and red furnishings.

The Sala degli Stemmi is traditionally the room used to celebrate Civil legal Ceremonies.  Here you will see paintings with the coat of arms of all the Mayors of Pisa after the unification of Italy. The Sala Rossa, so named for the color of the upholstery that covers the walls, was formerly the office of the Mayor. The ceiling is decorated with a fresco dedicated to Pisa's patron saint, Ranieri. The Baleari Hall is the home to the City Council and takes its name from one of the frescoes decorating the walls of the hall: "The Conquest of the Balearic Islands". Indeed the whole room is decorated with frescoes and allegorical representations of the city of Pisa.

Civil Legal Ceremonies can also be held at the ancient Abbey, Abbazia di San Zeno
The Abbey is now deconsecrated and it is the ideal place for couples who, despite having chosen a civil ceremony, do not wish to renounce the spiritual atmosphere of a religious location. Civil Legal Ceremonies during the summer months, from May to October, can also be celebrated in the wonderful garden Giardino Scotto at Fortezza San Gallo. The garden dates back to the nineteenth century but it has recently been rediscovered and it is a charming location for outdoor Civil Legal Ceremonies and Wedding Receptions.

If you want to celebrate here your Catholic Ceremonies, you can consider one of the wonderful Medieval and Renaissance churches in the historic town, from small chapels to grander Cathedrals enriched with the beautiful white marble originating from this region.  Intimate Religious Blessings and Symbolic Ceremonies can be held in the magnificent gardens of historical Villas in the countryside surrounding the city.

Lari and its charming Castle


The small, Medieval town of Lari is situated on one of the highest hills in the area, just a few kilometers from the Tuscan coast. The majestic castle in the centre of the small town was an important military stronghold of the Republic of Pisa because of its position overlooking the valley of the Arno River. Indeed, the magnificent view from the castle walls stretches from the steep hills of Volterra to the coast of Livorno and beyond.

Inhabited since Etruscan times through the Roman Empire and Middle Ages, the Castle became the home of the Florentine Governor Vicari and members of the aristocratic families of Florence in the 15th century, who over the years transformed it into a luxury residence. It hosted and entertained rulers of Tuscany until 1848, when the Castle was transformed into the Town Hall, Palazzo Pretorio, where today, Legal Civil Wedding Ceremonies are held for local and foreign couples. The Castle has been declared by various bridal magazines to be one of the ten most beautiful places in Italy to celebrate a legally binding wedding.

Inside Palazzo Pretorio, Legal Civil Ceremonies can be performed either in the recently restored Salone Pietro Leopoldo di Toscana, with its wonderful 16th Century frescoes, in the Sala del Tribunale or in the Castle Courtyard, which is decorated with over 90 coat-of-arms of the Florentine Vicari. Inside the courtyard leading into the wedding hall are gardens, a romantic gate for the bride's entrance, and wonderful heraldry.

Though less frequent in the town of Lari, Legal Catholic Ceremonies can take place in one of the Medieval and Renaissance chapels dotted through the hillside. Intimate Religious Blessings and Symbolic Ceremonies can be held in the magnificent gardens of historical Villas and Farmhouses with picturesque views and modern comforts that can be found in the surrounding area.

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