Wedding in Tuscany

Legal Documentation

No worries about the legal procedures to get married in Tuscany


This is perhaps the aspect that worries you the most and leaves you in doubt.
Whether you want a Civil or Religious ceremony, whether you are already married, but wanting to renew your wedding vows, regardless of which country you come from, we will be able to guide you through each step of the legal procedures.

We are aware of all the possible cases, the greatest difficulties that can be encountered, the fundamental aspects to keep in mind and the timing with which to compile the documentation.

We are also in contact with all the embassies, Consulates and Curies in Tuscany and we know what documents you will need in your state.

Finally, after the ceremony, we will make you have marriage certificates, important because they guarantee the validity of the same in your country.

As soon as you tell us where you come from and what kind of wedding you want, we will be able to give you clear information on how to start the process correctly, from deadlines to where to find the documents you need, always being ready to answer any of your doubt or question.

For the Catholic ceremonies in Tuscany, we will also warn you when couples have to attend and follow the pre-marriage preparation wedding courses.

The legal requirements and paperwork for a civil or a legal religious destination wedding in Tuscany can seem unclear and confusing at first. But you don’t have to worry about them, it’s our duty! And with your cooperation, everything will go smoothly.

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