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Legal Documentation

We help couples from all over the world who choose a destination wedding in Italy, including British, Canadian, Australian and USA citizens.

Regardless of your nationality and the type of ceremony you are looking for we can walk you through the whole legal process of getting married in Italy.  It is perfectly possible to arrange either a legally binding religious ceremony or a legally binding civil ceremony as part of your destination wedding in Tuscany.

Please feel free to ask any questions you have and do not worry - wedding documents are not your duty, but our business!  The legal requirements and paperwork for a civil or a legal religious destination wedding in Tuscany can at first seem unclear and confusing. 

You can find detailed information on the legal regulations governing both religious and civil ceremonies in Italy, but you will need local, on the ground guidance to help you through the legal formalities.


You have no need to worry about the bureaucratic procedures.

We are always up to speed with the latest regulations on what documentation and paperwork are required to get married in Italy thanks to our numerous years of experience planning weddings!

We will prompt you when documents are required or appointments need be made your end, to keep on track with the correct legal procedure timescales.

For example, we will direct you to the appropriate offices, such as your local Registrar's Office, and instruct you on which wedding documents are required in your home country. For religious Catholic ceremonies in Tuscany, we will also advise when couples are required to attend and complete pre-marriage preparation wedding courses.

We have a close relationship with every Embassy, Consulate and Curia in Tuscany and Italy, and we are familiar with legal procedures for citizens of any country planning a wedding ceremony in Tuscany. After the wedding we will also collect, check and take care of your wedding certificates, ensuring thay are valid for your country of residence.

This wedding service can be included within our full wedding planning service, but CANNOT be sold separately.

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