Wedding in Tuscany


Once you have spent all that time and effort getting ready for the wedding ceremony you need to think about your big entrance!

How will you arrive at the ceremony venue, how far is the journey, what photographs would you like? Have you always dreamed of pulling up outside a church in a Rolls Royce, Aston Martin or Bentley or making a bold statement in a modern sports car? 

Do you envisage trotting through cobbled streets in a horse and carriage or cruising through an olive lined driveway in an old FIAT 500? This is a fun part of the planning where you really can let your imagination run away with you and we can find you the perfect ceremony transport from a range of trusted suppliers.  

Take a little bit of time to decide on the style of transport you would both like and whether you would like to be able to drive the car away yourselves after the ceremony to the reception venue.

Decide on whether you’d like a classic or vintage car or something modern(air conditioning may be a must for you).

You will also need to consider the needs of your bridal party and may like to offer more comfortable modern cars like the new Mercedes range, Limousines and Sedans

If the ceremony and reception are held at separate locations and you need to organize the transportation of all the guests other than the couple and bridal party, we can also provide luxury minivans or even coaches and buses to shuttle everyone back and forth between venues and their accommodations.


Chauffeurs can wear a uniform or we can choose the attire based on the style and theme of the wedding.

We can arrange all types of transportation with or without a driver and our expert vendors will arrange inspections of the wedding venues in order to schedule pickup times, directions and a detailed schedule of transportation both for the couple and guests.  Only the bride is allowed to be late!

If you have a short distance to travel to get to the wedding venue and you would like the transportation to be more fun (and forego a bit of the comfort), why not choose a vintage Fiat 500, an old VW Beetle or even a wonderful Italian Piaggio Vespa! 

We can also provide Italian luxury sports cars like Ferraris and Maseratis to drive yourself, - just don't go too fast round those bends!

This wedding service can be included within our full wedding planning service, but CANNOT be sold separately.

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