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Restaurants in Tuscany

Restaurants in Tuscany

Tuscany is full of fabulous Restaurants in stunning locales, offering delicious, local and seasonal farm-to-table specialties for you to enjoy. A wedding dinner arranged at a fantastic restaurant can be as charming and sophisticated as a catered banquet in a villa. We are committed to offering you an event you will remember forever, whatever your style or budget may be!

This wedding service can be included within our full wedding planning service, but CANNOT be sold separately.

A restaurant can be a perfect venue for an intimate reception, as it is a budget-friendly, yet charming option. There are some important considerations to make before choosing restaurant as your reception venue. The first is that restaurants in the countryside cannot usually seat more than 60-70 people, but may have outdoor areas like gardens or terraces with breathtaking views where it is possible to arrange a cocktail hour and after-dinner dancing. Another important point is that average city restaurants have slightly more seating capacity, yet limited indoor space, as well as little or no outdoor area for a welcome cocktail or dancing.

Restaurants always provide, included within their total cost, materials and decor to choose from like tablecloths, crystal glasses, plates and chargers in different styles, making it easy to create a perfectly coordinated table setting. We will also help you in choosing the right dishes, providing you with hundreds of recipes to choose from in order to personalize your wedding menu. The menu quote is priced per person and usually does NOT include wines, which are to be paid upon consumption, as well as the wedding cake. Restaurants can usually prepare delicious desserts but if you wish to have a traditional wedding cake we always arrange it with a local pastry shop.

Our restaurants will offer a free tasting of your wedding menu once you have secured the booking. Don't worry about children, vegetarians or guests with special dietary requirements, since every restaurant can cater any dietary requirement!


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