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Muslim Ceremony

Muslim Wedding Ceremonies in Tuscany

Do you want to celebrate your big day in Tuscany without having to give up the traditions that distinguish an Arab wedding, focused on faith and spirituality, but also on elegance and luxury? Do you want the reading of al-f'tiha and the signing of the marriage contract  in a traditional mosque, or in the town hall?

You just have to contact us, and we will be able to organize for you every detail, from the hammam, to the day of the henne’ , to the actual reception, taking care  of all your desires .

What we will do:

We will understand, with your help, the style and needs that your marriage requires, and we will provide you with various choices in all areas of the organization, from the location to the traditional activities and celebrations. We will contact for you an imam, moral and spiritual guide of the Islamic community, who can celebrate your marriage and we will be at your complete disposal for any other request or concern.

Practical and legal notes:

Arab marriage is not a proper sacrament, but a contract between families that can be both verbal and written. The contract is enshrined when a man and a woman express their desire to live as husband and wife in front of at least two male witnesses.

In order to carry out a Muslim wedding you need to be in possession of a civil marriage certificate and it is essential to meet the imam who will celebrate the ceremony at least a month in advance.

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