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Tuscany offers a plethora of idyllic spots to celebrate beautiful religious wedding ceremonies.

Often you may hear that it is not possible to get legally married in a church in Italy or that you must have a civil ceremony in your country of origin first, but this is not always the case! We are among the few wedding planners in Italy able to arrange legally binding Catholic ceremonies in churches.


Roman Catholic wedding ceremonies are performed in churches in Italy and they can include the civil ceremony, with legal validity, or just the religious ceremony

. In both cases, the Sacrament of Matrimony takes place during the Wedding Mass. Please bear in mind that in order to get married in a Catholic church either the bride or groom (if not both) must have been baptized and you will require the assistance of your home Parish to provide religious certificates of BaptismCommunion and Confirmation.

If you have already been married civilly in your country and you wish to arrange a religious ceremony in a Catholic church in Tuscany, you must present a copy of your marriage certificate to the church authority. If instead you would like to have a legally-recognized Catholic wedding in Italy, we will assist you during the entire procedure. The Catholic priest will celebrate both the civil and religious ceremonies in the church and your wedding will be legally recognized in your home country.


A Catholic religious ceremony can take place in a wonderful church or cathedral in a famous Tuscan city or in an intimate chapel tucked away in the hills of the countryside.

We have access to the most beautiful churches and chapels, in both well-known and undiscovered areas.

We will assist you with the legal and religious procedures to get married in Italy and we will share our knowledge and experience of the best ceremony venues based on your preferred locationaccommodation venues and reception venue. Our aim is to find the best ceremony venue in the vicinity of your accommodation and reception venues. This way we can plan the perfect schedule for your wedding, stress, no waste of time and absolutely no unnecessary transport costs! Catholic ceremonies can be performed in your own language by a local Catholic priest and there are no legal requirements for an interpreter during the wedding mass.

For your Catholic Wedding Ceremony in Italy, we will:

  • Assist you with all legal documents and paperwork necessary to obtain your Certificate of Freedom to Marry or "Nulla Osta"
  •  Liaise with and book the Catholic church
  •  Provide the ceremony text to create your personal wedding mass booklet
  • Provide the officiant or minister to perform the Catholic ceremony
  •  Be present at the wedding ceremony to co-ordinae the event
  •  Provide registered and legalized wedding certificates after the ceremony
  •  Provide extra wedding services such as music and flowers

For a Catholic ceremony with legal validity, a minimum of six months is required for religious authorities in Italy to approve the legal documents. It is essential that you arrive in Italy at least a few days before the wedding, as the town registrar must review your passports and paperwork. Some of the paperwork can only be completed once you are in Italy, at the local town hall.

Please contact us to enquire about the legal requirements and necessary paperwork for a Catholic wedding in Italy based on your nationality!

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