Wedding in Tuscany


We can provide a wonderful, traditional pyrotechnic show full of amazing, glowing visual and sound effects.

There are many pyrotechnic show options to choose from and our professionals will guide you through the different possibilities available according to the wedding venue and your budget.

We can provide a wonderful, traditional show full of amazing, glowing visual and sound effects. They can be of varying dimensions and are specifically designed to suit the area and location.

Every fireworks display is unique and memorable, never failing to move and amaze guests of all ages. We can also create a Musical Fireworks Show where pyrotechnic effects are perfectly synchronized to a piece of composed music, following its intensity and rhythm, combining color and harmony that produces an outstanding exhibition.


Your guests will be talking about your wedding fireworks show for years to come!

As unfortunately Fireworks require a major consideration budget-wise, we offer a variety of packages ranging from simple choreography to top-end luxury packages with music effects.

We only work with professional Fireworks companies with years of experience performing displays for weddings. They are all officially certified companies with correct insurance that guarantees the security and safety of the show.

They know better than anyone that nothing says ‘celebration’ more than a spectacular firework display.

Our professional companies also provide waterproofed fireworks to help avoid cancellations due to anything other than a serious downpour or sudden severe change of wind direction.


This wedding service can be included within our full wedding planning service, but CANNOT be sold separately.

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