Wedding in Tuscany

Sound and Lighting

The right atmosphere for your wedding


Do you want to customize the party with strobe lights, karaoke and music for your guests, the reception with the video or photos projection? Everything is possible!

You may not think about it, but sound and lightning are two of the most important services, both for wedding ceremony and reception: they give a special touch and they help creating the right atmosphere of your event.

You can literally change the ambiance of both outdoor and indoor spaces at the flick of a switch. You just have to tell us which are your ideas!

First of all, we will assist you in defining the right lighting for the location of the ceremony and reception, in order to create the right atmosphere: simple and welcoming, refined and solemn or modern.

Along with the music, in fact, the lights compete to create those colors and sensations that most affect the memory of the newlyweds and the guests.

We can highlight hidden areas of the location, amplify those captivating chiaroscural effects that are created in churches and old castles, illuminate artistic works such as statues and frescoes and help you create any kind of scenic effect.

We work with experienced professionals who can fulfill your every desire and provide knowledge and technologies to recreate the perfect ambiance for the style and theme of your wedding. We can provide you with a vast music library, audio systems for more than 1000 guests, all kinds of lights, projectors, wireless microphones and many other technology systems.

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