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Wedding Reception

No matter what are your tastes, we’ll find the perfect one for you and your guests!


The Wedding Reception is definitively a very important moment which will be unforgettable for you and your guests, that requires a lot of planning and professional assistance.

That's why it takes so long to think about the reception. There are many aspects to consider and plan: the venue, the suppliers, the flowers, the colors, the tabletops and the centerpieces, the lights, the seats at the table, the menu! We will be with you every step of the way ensuring every detail reflecting your personality and taste.

Tuscany, the kingdom of Food & Wine


Everyone knows it: Italy is the best place to eat! And Tuscany is maybe one of the regions which offers a great variety of food and wine. Schiacciata with Tuscan ham, Rosso di Montepulciano, Bistecca alla Fiorentina and I could still go on. The choices are endless!

We can organize receptions for a few close family members as well as for more than 300 guests, and we always try to create the perfect environment for you.

We can organize classic and themed receptions, simple or spectacular, always in line with what you want and with your traditions. We have a lot of experience in planning receptions with cuisine typical of other countries, so you can safely choose menus, decorations or particular activities belonging to your culture and tradition.

The catering companies we work with are professional and experienced, and can work at both "daily reception venues" and your "accommodation venue" if this is where your reception will be held.

You can choose between professional caterers, certainly more flexible, Tuscan restaurants and personal chefs. All our contacts cook the menu directly on the same day, and specialize in the use of fresh products.
Who better than them to prepare you a nice dish of homemade pasta, a bruschetta topped with olive oil and let you taste a tasty red wine? If you want to try a local menu, the choice is wide (and delicious!): wines like a Chianti or a Montalcino, Pienza's pecorino, San Gimignano saffron, bread of all kinds. One thing that definitely is not lacking in Tuscany is food and excellent wine!

Our long experience has taught us to know perfectly the catering companies that best suit every need. Traditional menus, special requests and dietary restrictions will not create any problems. We will also help you to choose the type of catering you prefer (buffet or seat, cocktails, etc.), assess costs (they are indicated by the companies per person and include drinks and wedding cake). Once you have confirmed your choice, our caterers will offer you a free menu trial.

Start deciding your favorite flowers, the wine you would like to try, and we will take care of everything else. Every element will reflect your style and personality!

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