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House of the good wine and stunning landscapes - your Wedding in Chianti


The region of Tuscany evoke images of rolling hills covered with olive groves and wineyards, picturesque roads and alleys flanked with cypress trees and stunning views of colourful, unspoiled countryside.

These are just some of the typical characteristics of the Tuscan area known as Chianti, right in the heart of the region, between the historic cities of Florence and Siena. This area, famous for its incomparable, natural beauty and world class wine production, hosts some of the most stunning places where to get married in Italy.
Every year, people coming from all over the world, get married in this unbeatable area of Tuscany and celebrate their love in one of the most beautiful places in the entire world.

The largest town in Chianti is Greve in Chianti, followed by Castellina in Chianti, Radda in Chianti, Panzano and the smaller Gaiole in Chianti. Each town has its own unique character and it's worth taking some time to explore each one.

Getting married in Chianti is surely the best way to discover some of the most original treasures in Tuscany: medieval castles, historic palaces in the heart of tiny, walled, Medieval towns, villas, farmhouses, hotels and resorts.

Considering your style, theme, number of guests and budget, we'll suggest you the perfect location for an unforgettable wedding ceremony and reception but also for an idyllic holiday or honeymoon.

This area offers maybe the best selection of ancient Town Halls for a romantic Civil ceremony and beautiful country churches and chapels for a unique and intimate Catholic ceremony

Your Wedding Reception will be remembered by everyone if you decide to organize it in one of the beautiful locations here in Val d'Orcia: the area is full of amazing villas or ancient farmhouses with romantic wineyards, or even medieval castles

Here you can also organize fantastic pre or post wedding events, as tastings, cooking classes, pizza night and tours which will enchant everyone's heart.

Getting Married in Greve in Chianti - home of wine


Greve is the most prominent town in this area and one of the focal points of the Chianti wine path, hosting the world famous wine festival each September. A beautiful winery, maybe with a pool and a terrace with an amazing view, could be the perfect place for your wedding reception and this area has many wonderful venues like this. 

For couples planning a Religious Ceremony there are many beautiful Roman Churches to choose from, surrounded by wineyards and olive groves, as the centrally located Chiesa di Santa Croce with its neoclassical facade, that hosts some of the most important works of Lorenzo di Bicci. If you get married with a Civil Ceremony, you may consider the Town Hall, located in the famous triangular square, framed by ancient buildings, porticos and loggias with picturesque wine cellars and local food shops.

Greve in Chianti is a very fun and lively town hosting regular events all year round, including food and wine festivals with great music and fantastic markets. A visit to the Wine Museum is a must, offering an exciting selection of wines to taste. Every Saturday the main square transforms into a vivacious market with stalls selling fresh fruit and veg, cheeses, olives, household goods, flowers and of course, wine!
Greve is surrounded by delightful villages with many castles and original, fortified borghi. Many elegant residences and famous estates have been meticulously restored offering some stunning venues for your Wedding Celebration.

Getting Married in Castellina in Chianti - town of festivals


Castellina in Chianti is located in the Chianti wine territory, in the area closer to Siena
Its history dates back to the Bronze Age with interesting archaeological finds. Castellina flourished in the Medieval period and many ruins can be seen today in the magnificent fortified farmhouses and tower houses scattered through the territory.
The wonderful Medieval fortress “Rocca di Castellina” which dominates the city and today is the Town Hall, is one of the main sites of interest thanks to its spectacular atrium, council chamber, Sala del Capitano, courtyard and Medieval structure.

Castellina is a vibrant place with a lively nightlife and regular town festivals. There are plenty of cozy cafes and bars where you can enjoy a typical Italian "aperitivo" before dinner. One of the biggest events of the year in Castellina is the Pentecostal Wine Fair, organized around Easter. You can buy your own glass and taste the local wines, moving from stand to stand in the vaulted gallery in the old town. Usually around 50 to 100 local vineyards exhibit and they only produce a few thousand bottles of wine per year. A fantastic occasion to buy excellent wines to bring home!

Inside the tower of the fortress in the “Sala del Capitano”, its ancient walls, iron coat of arms, original furniture and huge fireplace, create a fairytale and magical atmosphere for Legal Civil Wedding Ceremonies. Outside the tower, there's a panoramic terrace, you can enjoy a magnificent view of the town and the surrounding countryside. Walking down the cobbled streets and through Via delle Volte, an impressive arched passage originally used for military purposes, you will find some beautiful sposts for photographs including some stunning panoramic views of the Chianti hills.

Getting Married in Radda in Chianti - the hamlet of wine


Radda in Chianti, a small hamlet perched on a small hill, offers a true step back into the Middle Ages with its geometrical network of narrow streets and parts of the original walls and fortifications. There are hundreds of wineries in the surrounding area, covering the rolling hills with extensive wineyards, famous for producing a big part of the wine in this particular region. Even if you are not a wine enthusiast, you cannot admire the panorama and the seasonal colours that make the countryside even more beautiful.

The ancient Palazzo Pretorio dominates the small town with its incomparable beauty. Legal Civil Ceremonies are held outdoors under the beautiful loggia framed by the 15th centrury arches, with its wonderful maiolica heraldic coats of arms, symbols of the local noble families.

Radda offers several castles where we can arrange wonderful Religious Ceremonies and Wedding Receptions and enjoy one of the most spectacular views in Tuscany. There are also many charming Medieval churches, ancient abbeys and country chapels, available for a Religious Catholic Ceremony both in Radda in Chianti and in the surrounding countryside.

Radda is completely surrounded by wineyards and driving around this area you can have the chance to do many degustazioni (tastings). Why not offer a bottle of the local red as a wedding favour for your guests or organize some tastings as welcome gifts for them?

Getting Married in Gaiole in Chianti - an idyllic place


Gaiole in Chianti has been recently considered the most idyllic place in all Europe by the famous American magazine Forbes. It is one of the key wine producing towns of the area and is also well known for its extra virgin olive oil. 

Surrounded by picturesque panorama and fabulous food, you can't go wrong in Gaiole. The famous Sagra della Bruschetta is held every year in mid September: here you can taste local specialties as the original Italian bruschetta with fresh olive oil, a very simple but always winning choice!
Most of the restaurants, bars and shops can be found in the main piazza where local artisans sell their products - perfect gifts to bring home as a wedding souvenir!

Legal Civil Ceremonies in Gaiole are held at the Palazzo Comunale, facing the pretty central square, framed by wine and craft shops. An elegant staircase leads to the tiny wedding hall on the first floor, with a wonderful wooden ceiling; perfect for intimate and romantic civil ceremonies. Imagine your closest family, friends and loved ones gathered in an ancient town hall to watch you say your vows!

Gaiole in Chianti is also a perfect place to celebrate Religious Ceremonies as one of the most interesting characteristics of this town, is the presence of several Roman churches, some of the most ancient in Tuscany. They have kept their original structures and preserved their beauty within their stone walls. Several Chianti Castles and hamlets have their own churches and private chapels on site, where it is possible to arrange Religious Blessings and Symbolic Ceremonies with no legal value.


In conclusion, the Chianti area is maybe one of the most beautiful places in Tuscany and in the world, that you really cannot miss. Imagine saying "I do" in front of a century-old chapel in front of beautiful wineyards... isn't magical?

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